RoboShala is the Robotics Lab which we introduce in Schools for students to investigate fundamental applications in science with efforts balanced between "Theoretical Inquiries” and “Experimental Demonstrations”. With this concept we aim to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge that the students incorporate and the practical knowledge via projects and models. With the help of Robotics kits (Hardware & Software) and Curriculum, students are able to understand much more as compared to the conventional method.

This innovative method of hands-on teaching is delivered via STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We promote the idea of ABL - Activity Based Learning which not only enhances the knowledge and creative thinking of students but also help them realize the practical usage of their theory and increases their problem solving abilities.

The course content designed by the R&D team of ThinnkWare and Ahlcon International School Delhi focuses on domains such as “Hands-On Learning” and “Learning by Doing”. Schools following CBSE, ICSE, IB and other State Boards will be able to relate to the concepts taught in regular classroom sessions with the concepts covered in RoboShala. In RoboShala school will implement Robotics Design System (RDS).

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Caters to student of class 2nd to 5th

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Caters to students of class 6th to 8th

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Caters to students of class 9th onwards

RoboShala focuses on the aspects of teaching through discovery. Teacher explains the concept to the student and the student starts by exploring the Robotics kit, assembling various components by following the instructions and giving shape to the robot. The overall program helps the student visually grasp the concepts of Math and Science thereby enhancing the problem solving skills.